AdvantageCare Physician services can be accessed through the official patient portal, myACPNY. As well as primary and specialty care, you can access related services, such as labs and radiology, on-site. Care Teams get to know you and collaborate on your treatment.


Patients can access their medical records and care history through the myACPNY patient portal regardless of which office they visit. This coordinated care model revolves around the Care Team, led by your Primary Care Provider, who knows you, monitors and shares all information about your health care, and ensures you see the right type of provider for the specific care you need.

What Are The Accessible Features?

  • Scheduling your own appointments is possible. Using our online appointment scheduler, you can schedule regular or follow-up appointments with your primary care provider and certain specialists.
  • View your paperless statements and make payments online. Using a notification on your homepage, you can now pay your outstanding balance online with your credit card. Additionally, copays can be paid online, and paperless statements can be requested.
  • Request referral authorizations as soon as they are ready. You do not need to wait for them to arrive in the mail.
  • Take care of your family’s health. Your family members can also link their accounts so they are all on the same page.


  • The results of your test are available. They can be viewed online. Some of the results may need to be discussed with you before being made available on the myACPNY Sign In portal.
  • Whenever you have a question, send a secure message to your provider or care team. You can stay in touch this way.
  • If you wish to schedule a virtual appointment with one of our providers (for many types of appointments), you will need to create an account on myACPNY.
  • Confirm your address and contact information, medications, allergies, and copay payment before your appointment.
  • Renewal requests for prescriptions can be made. You can reorder pills by logging into your account, clicking on the medication you need, and then letting your Care Team know that you want it reordered.