MyACPNY Login is an online physician login portal for AdvantageCare Physicians. AdvantageCare Physicians provides primary and specialty care to half a million patients throughout the New York metropolitan area. They serve all five boroughs and Long Island, so they’re convenient no matter where you’re from or where you work.


Patients who wish to participate will receive an activation code for myACPNY during their visit to the clinic. Once you enter this code, you can create your own username and password. It is possible to get an activation code by calling your primary care clinic or signing up at your next appointment if you have not received one yet.

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In addition to scheduling appointments, viewing results, finding a provider, and accessing resources, you can also use the myACPNY Patient Portal. To learn more about myACPNY login and registration procedures, please refer to the following guide.

How To Create A myACPNY Account?

You can register with myACPNY on your computer by using a web browser. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Visit myACPNY.com and click “Sign Up Now.”.
  • When asked to “Please Identify Yourself,” click “Sign Up Online.” Skip the fields asking for an activation code.
  • If you are required to provide specific information, please do so (following the format guidelines).
  • As part of Experian Precise ID’s verification process, you will need to answer five multiple-choice questions.
  • Upon answering all questions correctly, you will be taken to the Sign-Up page, where you will choose a username, password, and security question.


Login Steps To Access Your Account

By following the steps below, you can log in to your account:

  • The official myACPNY Portal can be accessed at www.myacpny.com.
  • On the right side of the official portal, you will find a login form.
  • You must enter your username in the first field during registration.
  • Next, enter your password.
  • Click the Sign In button to access your account.

The myACPNY Login portal allows patients to secure access to portions of their medical records online. With this program, you can manage and receive health information safely over the Internet. In the myACPNY electronic health record, you can view your health summary and request medical appointments online.

You can either make an appointment directly with your doctor, or you can book directly with your provider’s office using the Find a Provider tool, or you can reschedule with your current provider using the myACPNY Login portal.